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Coparm: machines et installations de traitement de dechets
Fournisseur global de machines et de systèmes complets pour traitement des déchets.

Maintenance & customer service

Our of experience gained in this industry ensure total support from production to after-the-sales service.

Thanks to the experience acquired in over 20 years, Coparm offers systems that meet the customers' specific requirements and an exclusive after-sales service characterized by the guaranteed availability of spare parts and by an international network of professional engineers.

Customer-oriented service
Coparm equipment requires limited maintance. Nevertheless, to help keep a Coparm installation in top shape, we offer more than just service and repair. What does Coparm service comprise?

Quick supply of spare parts
Professional repair and support
Modifications and overhaul
Safety checks and advice
Preventive maintenance
24/7 helpdesk

Coparm Service & after sales
Continuity of your long and short term production process has highest priority. The customer-oriented service and after sales of Coparm supports this. What do we offer our customers?

Skilled engineers for service activities on site
Fast delivery of spare parts
Preventive maintenance
Regular inspections and safety checks
Revisions, modifications, relocations, expansions
Professional training of operators

Service contract: preventive maintenance
Reliability and continuity of your production process is essential. A service contract for preventive maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures.

Coparm can help you avoid costly shutdowns. Through planned, preventive maintenance you will always be one step ahead. Powerful and dependable equipment is the foundation of maximum utilization of resources. Our extensive service organisation in combination with scheduled, preventive maintenance offer best possible guarantee for a long life for your Coparm equipment.

A Preventive Maintenance Contract will safeguard

troublefree operation
highest possible safety for operating personnel
the elimination of panic actions and expensive spare parts shippings
the longest possible lifetime for your Coparm installation 

Skilled team of experienced technical engineers guarantees the best possible care for your products at any stages of work scheduling (design,construction and testing) and over the years ensuring your product always maintained.

Coparm repairs secure investments.
After years of trusty service, certain parts of the machine and installation start to show signs of wear. With our know-how, we are ready to secure your long termed. We offer 
you an insight into the cost effectiveness and possibilities. Consequently, we improve the operational reliability and durability on site as well as in our own facilities.
Our services:

Reservation of repair capacities

Individual economical evaluation

Overhaul of your machine components

Constant technical development

Your advantages:

Increase in durability

Cost-effective alternatives purchase of new spare parts

Reduction of production stops

Highest operational security

Minimisation of risk

Product optimisation


Spare parts Coparm equipment
Coparm has a large number of crucial spare parts on stock and the fast moving parts are also carried by service engineers in purpose-built vans, so we deliver your parts as fast as possible in order to avoid down-time.

The quality of the spare parts which our service technicians install on your machine is of vital importance. To get the right price and quality we are continously working with developing our spare parts together with our sub-suppliers.

This work will always prove at use to you as a customer. To keep our quality and to be able to be responsible for our guarantee we therefore only accept original spare parts to be installed on your Coparm systems.

Coparm offers specialised advice, reliable availability and a fast delivery from a single source. Original spare parts of the latest development standards and a manufacturer’s guarantee satisfy the highest necessities. To avoid long waiting times, we offer fast deliveries through our reliable partners. Original parts are available all over Europe in between 24 hours.

Installation, commissioning and training
After a Coparm machine or installation is supplied and installed, commissioning takes place combined with (or directly followed by) a professional training of staff. Our commissioning engineers have years of experience and professionally train operators to give them a better understanding of the functioning and application of the machines.

The effect of field training is that trainees are more comfortable with the use of the machine, get more apprehension and are better able to solve small disturbances themselves. This gives a higher production reliability of your installation.

Coparm installations are erected on site by our own skilled service organisation which is also responsible for the commissioning of the equipment and the training of the system operators.

We can offer

skilled, experienced engineers
thorough testing of performance
training of operator´s personnel in the daily operation
extensive Users Manual for safest possible operation 

The Coparm service teams around the world safeguard the professional installation of Coparm equipment.

Durability and safety
High operational reliability
Low operational cost
Solid construction
High efficiency
Easy maintenance
Trouble-free conveying
Integrated control
Long life
Durable and reliable
Low running costs
Strength (strong chain)
Open construction
Ability to absorb heavy loads
Robust and reliable
Can handle continuous, heavyweight loads
Resistant to sharp material
Is easy to maintain
Saves space
Is fireproof
Is cost-effective
Simple construction
Proven results
Easy operation and control
Extremely reliable
Low maintenance cost
High throughput
Increase of capacity
Easier separating
A more valuable output
Continuous operation
Maximum continuity
Maximum productivity













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